Weybridge Guns & Tackle

Our Services

We re-fill all P.C.P. (pre-charged) air weapons.

The cost is £4.00 per fill incl. vat. , (extra for large capacity reservoirs).

We carry the charging adaptors for 95% of all weapons, but if your gun is very unusual, please bring your own to avoid disappointment.

Gunsmithing Services.

 Harry Chaddock has been our gunsmith, for over 40 years now.

He is based in Hungerford, & I deliver & collect all our repairs personally, which means our turn around time on repairs is a minimum of 3 weeks depending upon what repairs/renovations are required.

We are happy to quote on any shotgun or rifle work.

You can be assured that you will get a thoroughly professional job, it is the only way Harry does things.

Note.  Harry is semi retired now & is not taking on work at the moment, he will be back in action we hope in the Autumn of 2017.

Fly Reel loading.

Whether you are purchasing a complete fly outfit, or just a new reel or line, we will load the reel with the correct amount & type of backing, splice this to your fly line, & fit the appropriate means of connecting your leader to the line.

A fly line can be a quite expensive item of equipment, let us set it up for you correctly, there is no extra charge, & you know it's been done properly.